Called „Bitcoin Bank“, the supposed scam uses the image of a famous presenter to capture investments.

Another famous Brazilian has been considered a prominent investor of Bitcoin. This is because, called „Bitcoin Bank“, he quotes in pages of the possible coup the presenter Jô Soares.

Such pages with investment offers have been created for several personalities, from all over the world. In Brazil, as already pointed out by Livecoins, Bitcoin Loophole is one of the supposed scams that attacks investors.

However, this possible international scam uses several other names among its activities. Some of the related names are: Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Pro.

With the new name Bitcoin Bank, the old scheme already investigated by authorities uses the same funding mechanism.
Jô Soares is used in a possible international coup by Bitcoin to attract Brazilian investors

Bitcoin is a digital currency still new in the world, but it already shows great potential. Thus, many investors have sought to know the currency and buy pieces of this new digital gold.

This natural market movement has brought a great valuation to the digital asset. Moreover, it presents new possibilities for global finance, being the first native currency of the Internet.

However, like any object of interest to people, Bitcoin is now linked to scams. Many even promise above-market revenues with this currency, using supposed trade robots.

Such techniques of attracting investors have proved to be scams over time, in 99% of cases. Moreover, it shows people an unreal image of Bitcoin, as if the currency guaranteed quick paths to wealth.

The ball in a suspicious capture is the image of Jô Soares, in which Bitcoin Bank claims to be one of the project’s investors. According to a research made by Livecoins, the supposed hit uses the image of the presenter.

On the occasion, as is common in the suspicious capture of Bitcoin Loophole, Jô Soares would have granted an interview. In this interview, which no one watched, he talks about the successes with investments in Bitcoin Bank.
Even the Caixa Econômica Federal is mentioned in a page that captures investors for Bitcoin Bank

On the page that shows Jô Soares supposedly granting an interview, even the Caixa Econômica Federal is mentioned. In a text, an old acquaintance of Livecoins readers, Jô Soares claims to have found a gap in wealth.

The supposed gap in wealth would then be the Bitcoin Bank, which is a highly profitable trade robot. In addition, the page says that Jô would have granted Danilo Gentili, in The Night program, talking about Bitcoin Bank. The page of the supposed coup states that after the interview, Caixa would have called and asked to take the interview off the air.

Jô Soares does not invest in Bitcoin Bank

It is clear that Jô Soares may be another victim of this possible coup that uses several personalities. Recently, he used the image of the dancer Carla Perez, of the presenter Tiago Leifert, among others.

In addition, Bitcoin Loophole even used the image of the program Shark Tank. Seeing the repercussion, the program denied in its social networks any participation in investments.

The possible international fraud is already investigated in some countries, but it keeps growing in Brazil. Usually links are shared in WhatsApp groups, the main means of spreading the scam, so be careful if you receive such promises.